Most Recent Sunday Messages

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Jos217 Is THIS My Lot, Lord? - 6/18/17

A fresh look at the saying, "I guess this is my lot in life." From the allotment of the Promised Land in Joshua 14.


Jos216 We Need a Battle Plan - 6/11/17

We need a battle plan to possess the Promised Life Christ won on our behalf. 


Jos215 Whose Victory And Whose Possession - 6/04/17

We can live victoriously in the Promised Life by taking full possession of the complete victory won on our behalf.



Jos214 - All Out War Against The Enemy - 5/28/17

We must declare all out war against the enemy in order to take possession of the Promised Life. 


Jos213 - The Enemy Schemes and God Overrules - 5/21/17 

God can overrule the enemy's schemes in our lives and use them for our good and his glory.